aesthetic is not all about style, it is to deeply consider and create a project specific response

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DOMAINE ARCHITECTS SDN BHD was formerly known as Masyerin M.N. Architect / MMN Design Sdn Bhd which was setup in 2004 with a view of creating a socially responsible yet innovative and creative architectural intent.  

DOMAINE ARCHITECTS SDN BHD is a design based, young and dynamic architectural firm working on various types of projects. Our portfolio includes institutional buildings, boutique hotels, service apartments, condominiums, townhouses, private residences and corporate interiors. The firm believes that innovative design is the result of an understanding of the client’s goals and aspirations, the building type, context, and budget, and the synthesis of these issues by architects with proven design abilities. We approach every individual project with utmost creativity and imagination, highlighting the importance of financial budget and timely delivery to support our client’s vision.

DOMAINE ARCHITECTS SDN BHD is registered with the Malaysian Board of Architects and is qualified to manage projects throughout the various design stages; from design conception, authority submission, tender and construction documentation, site management right up to the issuance of Certificate of Compliance and Completion (CCC).


B. Architecture (Hons.), Tasmania University , Australia.
B. Environmental Design, Tasmania University , Australia.

Ar. Masyerin M.N Architect is a Professional Architect registered with the Board of Architect Malaysia (LAM) and Malaysian Institute of Architect (PAM). Graduated in 1998, he has been involved in a number of award winning projects including Commercial Complexes, Visitor Centre and Service Apartments. He has also been a guest critique at several architectural schools and a guest lecturer at the Malaysian Institute of Architect (PAM) design lecture series.

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B. Architecture (Hons.), Adelaide University , Australia.
B . Design Studies, Adelaide University , Australia.
Prof. Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Business Management, University Malaya, Malaysia

Ar. Norashidah A Wahab is a Professional  Architect registered with the Board of Architect Malaysia (LAM) and Malaysian Institute of Architect (PAM). Graduated in 1998, she has worked for local and international architectural firms over the past years on major world’s leading brands.

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