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GOLD for PAM 2021 Awards

Awards for ‘Multiple Residential High Rise

Master Jury: – ‘Datuk Ar Ezumi Harzani Ismail, PAM President; Datuk Ar. Chan Chee Yong; Dato Ar. Zulkhairi Md Zain; Ar. Dr. Lim Teng Ngiom; Tpr Norliza Hashim.

Jury’s citation

“Award within this category must be given to the architect for applying such strong architectural features of a building, that on paper required a more engineering-based resolution. The dynamic shape of the black cladding makes a unique landmark. The narrowness of the site is quite challenging but the architect is able to provide extensive landscaping within a small acreage for a high-rise development.”

Winner of TheEDGE-PAM 2020 Awards

Awards for ‘Green Excellent’

Jury’s citation

“…well-designed and well-thought-out modern-day tropical hotel on a brownfield site combines a clean-line modern architectural design with a highly tangible commitment to cultural and community sustainability goals…”

GOLD for PAM 2020 Awards

Awards for ‘Hospitality’ Category

Master Jury: – Ar Lilian Tay, PAM President; Prof Ar Laurence Loh; Ar. Abu Sayeed M Ahmed; Ar. Assoc Prof Dr Zalina Shari; Assoc Prof Ar. Jalaini Abu Hassan 

Jury’s citation

“This was a well-crafted, well considered and interestingly, a well-loved design that translated exceptionally into the finished building. It is interesting to consider such words as “loved” in describing a commercial building, but you could see from the level of detail that the Architects really loved what they were doing. It has a hand-made quality, and for a building of this size, this is highly commendable. At a time when Architecture is just a business for some, an example of a project that expresses joy from its creators must be celebrate.”

Photo Credit: Heartpatrick

Recipient of PAM 2013 Awards

Awards for ‘Interior Colour On Buildings 7’

Jury’s citation

“…an honest and innovative interpretation of contemporary tropical living with clear demarcation of public and private realms…”

Recipient of PAM 2011 Awards

Awards for ‘Multiple Residential (Low-Rise)’

Master Jury: – Ar Boon Che Wee, PAM President; Ar Ling Fah Shing; Ar Sathirut Nui Tandanand, Vice Chairman ARCASIA; Professor Dr Wong Yunn Chii, National Universoty of Singapore; YB Dato Prof Dr Ahmad Haji Zainuddin, CHairman Malaysian Design Council.  

Jury’s citation

“…a new look for a residential block which protects and liberates the women occupants…”

Domaine_Award_Sri Cempaka
Recipient of PAM 2010 Awards

Awards for ‘Single Residential Buildings’.

Master Jury: – Ar Boon Che Wee, PAM President; Mr Ashvinkumar Kantilal, SIA President; Dr Chalay Kunawong, ASA Vice President; Mr Tony Liew Voon Fun, Dean School of Architecture Taylor’s University; Ms Au Foong Yee, Editor The Edge, Malaysia.

Jury’s citation

“…an honest and innovative interpretation of contemporary tropical living with clear demarcation of public and private realms…”

Winner of PAM 2009 Awards

Awards for ‘Adaptive Re-use of Buildings’

Master Jury: – Professor Phillip Cox, Architect, Australia; Mr Tai Lee Siang, Architect, Singapore; Professor Ar. Dr. Elias Salleh , Architect/ Academician, Malaysia; Dato Ng Poh Tip, Group Editorial/ Education Advisor of The Star Publications, Malaysia.

Jury’s citation

“…a refreshing approach to create an innovative solution to budget constraints without sacrificing creative detailing and spatial articulation with effective use of architectural elements and materials…”


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